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    Cutting edge feminist investigations of rationality
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    An overview of the essays in the second issue of the special edition of Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy devoted to feminism and science.
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    Tango Dancing with María Lugones
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    Feminism & Science
    Indiana University Press. 1989.
    ..". thoughtful critiques of the myriad issues between women and science." -- Belles Lettres "Outstanding collection of essays that raise the fundamental questions of gender in what we have been taught are objective sciences." -- WATERwheel ..". all of the articles are well written, informative, and convincing. Admirable editorial work makes this anthology unusually helpful for scholars and students... Highly recommended... " -- Choice Questioning the objectivity of scientific inquiry, this volu…Read more
  •  3
    Understanding scientists' computational modeling decisions about climate risk management strategies using values-informed mental models
    with Lauren Mayer, Kathleen Loa, Bryan Cwik, Klaus Keller, Chad Gonnerman, Andrew Parker, and Robert Lempert
    Global Environmental Change 42 107-116. 2017.
    When developing computational models to analyze the tradeoffs between climate risk management strategies (i.e., mitigation, adaptation, or geoengineering), scientists make explicit and implicit decisions that are influenced by their beliefs, values and preferences. Model descriptions typically include only the explicit decisions and are silent on value judgments that may explain these decisions. Eliciting scientists’ mental models, a systematic approach to determining how they think about climat…Read more
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    The Hidden Structure of Quine’s Attack on Analyticity
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    An overview of the essays in Part I of the special edition of Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy devoted to feminism and science.
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    Guest Editors' Introduction
    Epoché: A Journal for the History of Philosophy 22 (1): 1-2. 2017.
  • Beyond philosophy: Nietzsche, Foucault, Anzaldúa
    Indiana University Press. 2020.
    Questions of whether anything exceeds reasonable sense and meaning have persisted throughout the history of philosophy. These questions have even continued in postmodern thought as well as in liberatory philosophies in which many kinds of events and lineages are experienced and seen as beyond philosophy. In this cowritten text, distinguished philosophers Nancy Tuana and Charles Scott pay particular attention to lineages and their dynamism as they develop the idea of things beyond philosophy, bey…Read more