• Editorial
    Disputatio 9 (44): 1-4. 2017.
    We are pleased to announce that the University of Lisbon has signed an agreement with De Gruyter publishers for the open access publication of Disputatio. With De Gruyter Online academic publishing, all articles will be freely available online and assigned a DOI. Disputatio is now starting a new cycle, and during the summer of 2017 its editorship will be transferred from Teresa Marques and Célia Teixeira to Ricardo Santos (U Lisboa) and Elia Zardini (U Lisboa). We wish to thank the managing edi…Read more
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  • Epistemologia
    In Pedro Galvão (ed.), Filosofia: Uma Introdução por Disciplinas, . pp. 99-141. 2012.
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    In João Branquinho & Ricardo Santos (eds.), Compêndio em Linha de Problemas de Filosofia Analítica, . pp. 1-21. 2015.
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    Conhecimento A Priori
    In João Branquinho & Ricardo Santos (eds.), Compêndio em Linha de Problemas de Filosofia Analítica, . pp. 1-33. 2014.
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    How not to reject the a priori
    Kriterion: Journal of Philosophy 59 (140): 365-384. 2018.
    According to one influential argument against the existence of a priori knowledge, there is no a priori knowledge because (i) no belief is immune to revision, and (ii) if there were a priori knowledge, at least some beliefs would be unrevisable. The aim of this paper is to examine and reject this argument against the a priori. It is given special attention to premise (ii) of the argument. Philip Kitcher has famously defended a version of this premise. His arguments are assessed and rejected. The…Read more
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    Meaning, Understanding, and A Priori Knowledge
    Philosophia 47 (3): 901-916. 2019.
    According to the most popular account of the a priori, which we might call Analytic Account of the A Priori, we can explain the a priori in terms of the notion of analyticity. According to the least popular account of the a priori, the explanation of the a priori proceeds by appealing to the faculties used in the acquisition of a priori knowledge, such as the faculty of rational intuition – call this Rationalist Account of the A Priori. The main aim of this paper is to challenge the analytic acc…Read more
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    Understanding the Revisability Thesis
    Grazer Philosophische Studien 95 (2): 180-195. 2018.
    W. V. Quine famously claimed that no statement is immune to revision. This thesis has had a profound impact on twentieth century philosophy, and it still occupies centre stage in many contemporary debates. However, despite its importance it is not clear how it should be interpreted. I show that the thesis is in fact ambiguous between three substantially different theses. I illustrate the importance of clarifying it by assessing its use in the debate against the existence of a priori knowledge. I…Read more
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    Metaphysical Analyticity
    Disputatio 4 (34): 869-888. 2012.
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    The Realm of Reason, by Christopher Peacocke (review)
    Disputatio 2 (22): 165-172. 2007.