• English summary: Philosophical and religious thinkers have for ever been contemplating the question of the origin of evil. Unde malum? Wherever people are shaken by the experience of being exposed to violence and destruction, disease and death, and also when staring into the abyss of the human soul, questions of cause and responsibility arise. The contributions in this volume trace the continuing quest for answers, drawing on mythical narratives, philosophical reflection, psychological, social a…Read more
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    Οὐσία in Numenius: a notion which is progressively elaborated: Analysis of the difficulties linked to οὐσία and ἰδέα in fragments 22 F, 24 F and 28 F. In the Περὶ τἀγαθοῦ, Numenius refines his definition of οὐσία step by step. He uses the word at first as a synonym of τὸ ὄν and as another designation of being. Then, he associates it to the ἕξις when he refers to the specific οὐσία which possesses science : in all likelihood, this οὐσία is the intellect as the essence common to God and Man in the…Read more
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    Mauro Bonazzi has shown how Numenius based his theology on his interpretation of Plato’s Timaios and Politeia. However, by giving the title On the Good to his own dialogue, Numenius inserts it in the line of the teaching that, according to the tradition, Plato would have orally given on this topic. After focusing briefly on this teaching and its problems, the paper examines how Numenius appropriated it, as it reached him. It will appear that Numenius conceives of the oral tradition as the Pythag…Read more
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    Chôra 13 (9999): 7-17. 2015.
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    Plutarch is often seen as a dualist philosopher. Yet, when one studies the texts which are most often quoted to back such an opinion, the so‑called dualist doxographies in De Iside et Osiride and in De animae procreatione, one is actually lead to think otherwise. When they are replaced in their context, it so happens that these texts describe the conditions to obtain harmony and the mixing of the contraries which are both necessary to the birth and to the very existence of the universe. However,…Read more