• The effort to build a political economy of war without politics is finding its limits. The question now is what comes next. How to put politics back in? This article compares systematically two non-state armed groups that participate in the Colombian conflict, the main guerrilla and the paramilitary. It shows that despite their similar financial bases, they appear to exhibit systematic differences— regarding both their social composition and their internal/external behavior—and claims that the k…Read more
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    Motion as a Concept, an Insufficient Element in the Kantian Philosophy
    with Diego Emilio Salazar Gómez
    Axiomathes 1-20. forthcoming.
    This article examines the Kantian ideas on motion in his work Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science. In that essay, Kant holds that motion as a concept—from its connotation as elemental and fundamental predicament of the material reality—mobilises in matter all the characteristics of its essence as a property. Nevertheless conceiving motion as a concept does not enable us to confirm the existence of motion itself in the natural world because ‘the possibility of specific natural things can’…Read more
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    Para Jaime Rubio, todavía
    Universitas Philosophica 33 (66): 309-315. 2016.
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    Las nuevas ciencias de la vida
    Polis: Revista Latinoamericana 25. 2010.
    Siguiendo parcialmente el pensamiento de Hugo Assmann, quien plantea las preguntas basales de cómo educar y cómo aprender, se postula que se aprende durante toda la vida y mediante todas las formas de vida, coincidiendo ello con la facultad de los seres vivos de la autoorganización. Aprender resulta así un proceso donde coinciden los procesos vitales con los procesos de conocimiento. Surge de ello una biopedagogía que, asentada en el placer de aprender, está en condiciones de reencantar la educa…Read more
  • Checking the role of central executive in propositional reasoning
    with J. A. García-Madruga, N. Carriedo, J. M. Luzón, and J. O. Vila
    Thinking and Reasoning 13 (4): 370-393. 2007.
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    Mental models in propositional reasoning and working memory's central executive
    with José O. Vila, José M. Luzón, Nuria Carriedo, and Juan A. García-Madruga
    Thinking and Reasoning 13 (4): 370-393. 2007.
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    La connotación en el proceso educativo
    Revista de Filosofía de la Universidad de Costa Rica 61 71-80. 1987.
  • Educación y medios de comunicación social
    Revista de Filosofía de la Universidad de Costa Rica 49 145. 1981.