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    Editorial zu Band 1, Heft 1, 2014
    Zeitschrift Für Praktische Philosophie 1 (1). 2014.
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    Ethics and the dynamic vulnerability of children
    Les Ateliers de l'Éthique / the Ethics Forum 12 (2-3): 243-261. 2017.
    GOTTFRIED SCHWEIGER,GUNTER GRAF | : In this paper, we want to examine the particular vulnerability of children from an ethical perspective. We want to defend three claims: Firstly, we will argue that children’s vulnerability is best understood as a dynamic quality, meaning that as children progress through childhood, their vulnerability also undergoes particular changes. To capture this, we want to discriminate among physical, mental, social, and symbolic vulnerability, which vary according to c…Read more
  • Children’s Rights, Bodily Integrity and Poverty Alleviation
    In Helmut P. Gaisbauer, Gottfried Schweiger & Clemens Sedmak (eds.), Ethical Issues in Poverty Alleviation, Springer. pp. 57-73. 2016.
    In this chapter, we explore the potential of children’s rights for the alleviation of poverty with a special focus on a child’s right to bodily integrity. In the fi rst section, we analyze the children’s rights discourse, which is closely connected to the Convention on the Rights of the Child of the United Nations (CRC). We recognize its importance but also detect a need to connect it more thoroughly to philosophical theories. In Sect. 4.2 therefore, we present a capability approach to children’…Read more
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    This book addresses the endangerment of children’s bodies in affluent societies. Bodily integrity is an important part of a child’s physical and mental well-being, but it can also be violated through various threats during childhood; not only affecting physical health but also causing mental damage and leading to distortions in the development of the self. The authors give an account of three areas, which present different serious dangers: (1) body and eating, (2) body and sexuality, and (3) bod…Read more
  • This volume contributes to the ongoing interdisciplinary controversies about the moral, legal and political status of children and childhood. It comprises essays by scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds on diverse theoretical problems and public policy controversies that bear upon different facets of the life of children in contemporary liberal democracies. The book is divided into three major parts that are each organized around a common general theme. The first part (“Children and C…Read more
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    “Poor Fat Kids”: Social Justice at the Intersection of Obesity and Poverty in Childhood
    Dilemata. International Journal of Applied Ethics 21 53-70. 2016.
    Obesity and poverty in childhood are widely studied phenomena and despite mixed results, some findings are without doubt: they come with various experiences of mental, physical and social harm, have therefore negative effects on the well-being of children, and they intersect in relation with race, class and gender. In this contribution we analyze child obesity and poverty from a philosophical social justice perspective, which has, to a large extent, so far neglected this topic. We show how they …Read more
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    Social Policy and Justice for Children
    In Johannes Drerup, Gunter Graf, Christoph Schickhardt & Gottfried Schweiger (eds.), Justice, education and the politics of childhood: challenges and perspectives, Springer. pp. 101-114. 2016.
    Empirical evidence clearly shows that child poverty is a growing concern in the industrialized world and that the well-being of children is deeply affected by growing up in poverty in at least two ways. On the one hand, a low socioeconomic status jeopardizes the access to goods and services that are necessary for the current well-being of children. On the other hand, growing up in poverty also, in various ways, negatively affects the well-being in later life. On the basis of the capability appro…Read more