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    Descartes and Husserl on “Clear and Distinct”
    Husserl Studies 35 (1): 51-72. 2019.
    The term “clear and distinct” is used by both Descartes and Husserl when they talk about the truth of an idea and the evidence of judgment. Although the words “clear” and “distinct” are juxtaposed with the conjunction “and,” this does not mean that their status is equal. If the concept of “evidence” can be used to characterize the hierarchical relationship between them, then we can say that, for Descartes, distinct evidence is higher than clear evidence. For Husserl, on the contrary, clear evide…Read more
  • Magnetic phase transitions and structural distortion in Nd 2 CuO 4
    with S. Skanthakumar, Clinton T. W., W. H. Li, Lynn J. W., Z. Fisk, and S. W. Cheong
    Neutron and X-ray diffraction have been used to study the magnetic and structural properties of single crystal Nd2CuO4. Long range magnetic order of the Cu moments develops at TN=245 K, with a noncollinear antiferromagnetic arrangement of spins. Additional abrupt transitions are observed at 75 K and 30 K, in which a spin reorientation takes place. Bragg peaks associated with the crystal structure are found at the same positions as the magnetic Bragg peaks, and indicate that a distortion of the b…Read more