Ihor Burkovskyi

Potebnia Institute of Linguistics (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • The article deals with the review of the Ukrainian translation of "Critique of Pure Reason" from the previous issue of the magazine. The publication of I. Ivashchenko and V. Terletsky tries to prove the thesis of unsatisfactory quality of translation – the article proves the failure of this attempt. It is shown that most of the reviewers' remarks are untenable, and, most importantly, the presented material is highly insufficient to prove their thesis. Unsatisfactory text quality means not just t…Read more
  • The paper deals with the review of the translation of Kant’s “Critique of Practical Reason”, published by Vitaly Chorny in this magazine last year as a continuation of the review by I. Ivashchenko and V. Terletsky which is scrutinized in the previous issue. The new review turned to be a similar attempt to prove a biased statement about the unsatisfactory quality of Ukrainian translation. It is shown that this attempt is even more unsuccessful than the previous one: it is characterized by a much …Read more