• Die Reihe Monographien und Texte zur Nietzsche-Forschung setzt seit mehreren Jahrzehnten die Agenda in der sich stetig verändernden Nietzsche-Forschung. Die Bände sind interdisziplinär und international ausgerichtet und spiegeln das gesamte Spektrum der Nietzsche-Forschung wider, von der Philosophie über die Literaturwissenschaft bis zur politischen Theorie. Die Reihe veröffentlicht Monographien und Sammelbände, die einem strengen Peer-Review-Verfahren unterliegen. Die Buchreihe wird von einem i…Read more
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    Understanding E-Commerce Consumers’ Repeat Purchase Intention: The Role of Trust Transfer and the Moderating Effect of Neuroticism
    with Hyeon Gyu Jeon, Cheong Kim, and Kun Chang Lee
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2021.
    The dominant position of e-commerce is especially being articulated in the retailing industry once again due to several constraints that the world faces in the COVID-19 pandemic era. In this regard, this study explores the significant role of trust transfer and the moderating effect of consumers’ neurotic traits in the framework of trust-satisfaction-repurchase intention in the e-commerce context based on a survey with 406 Korean e-commerce consumers. Moreover, a prediction-oriented segmentation…Read more
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    A Computer-Based Method for the Investigation of Human Behavior in the Iterative Chicken Game
    with Sung-Phil Kim, Minju Kim, Yang Seok Cho, and Oh-Sang Kwon
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2021.
    The present study develops an artificial agent that plays the iterative chicken game based on a computational model that describes human behavior in competitive social interactions in terms of fairness. The computational model we adopted in this study, named as the self-concept fairness model, decides the agent’s action according to the evaluation of fairness of both opponent and self. We implemented the artificial agent in a computer program with a set of parameters adjustable by researchers. T…Read more
  • The relativized Lascar groups, type-amalgamations, and algebraicity
    with Jan Dobrowolski, Byunghan Kim, and Alexei Kolesnikov
    Journal of Symbolic Logic 1-34. forthcoming.
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    Revising Carroll’s Mirror Argument
    Axiomathes 1-12. forthcoming.
    In this paper, I examine J. Carroll's “Mirror Argument” against the Humean conception of law and H. Beebee's response to this argument. I will first show that Beebee's criticism is quite plausible if it is refined slightly. Then, I will propose a revised version of the Mirror Argument which is immune to criticisms like that of Beebee's. According to the Humean conception of law, I will argue, we should accept the existence of counterfactual dependence relation where there should not be such rela…Read more
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    The Persistence of Motion
    Kritike 14 (3). 2021.
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    Upcycled vs. Conventional: Food product preference assessment using optical brain monitoring
    with Siddharth Bhatt, Jonathan Deutsch, Benjamin Fulton, Rajneesh Suri, and Hasan Ayaz
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 12. 2018.
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    Could You Ever Forget Me? Why People Want to be Forgotten Online
    with Chanhee Kwak and Heeseok Lee
    Journal of Business Ethics 1-18. forthcoming.
    The concept of people’s memory maintains the finiteness of time and capacity. However, with the advancement in technology, the amount of storage memory a person can use has increased dramatically. Given that digital traces can hardly be erased or forgotten, individuals have begun to express their desire to be forgotten in the digital world, and governments and academia are considering methods to fulfill such wishes. Capturing the difficulties in terms of a cultural lag between technological adva…Read more
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    Biological Conceptualization of Race
    with Rahmi Qurota Aini, Yustika Sya’Bandari, Ai Nurlaelasari Rusmana, Minsu Ha, and Sein Shin
    Science & Education 30 (2): 293-316. 2021.
    The conception of racial categories from a biological perspective is unconsciously embedded in the individual’s cognition. This is true even among university students majoring in biology and medicine. Even though students have never learned about “race” explicitly in formal biology class, they are highly likely to implicitly construct, and hold biological concepts of race. This study investigated how Korean college students majoring in General Science Education define the concept of race and acq…Read more
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    Understanding the meaning of emoji in mobile social payments: Exploring the use of mobile payments as hedonic versus utilitarian through skin tone modified emoji usage
    with Amelia Acker, Clive Unger, Ishank Arora, Wei-Jie Xiao, Pratik Shah, Charulata Ghosh, Sabitha Sudarshan, and Dhiraj Murthy
    Big Data and Society 7 (2). 2020.
    Despite research establishing emojis as sites of critical racial discourse, there is a paucity of literature examining their importance in the increasingly popular context of mobile payments. This is particularly important as new forms of social payment platforms such as Venmo bridge the seamlessness of mobile payments with the vibrant communicative practices of social networks. As such, they provide a unique medium to examine how emojis are used within the context of digital consumption, and by…Read more
  • Application of the Stress and Anxiety to Viral Epidemics-6 (SAVE-6) and Coronavirus Anxiety Scale (CAS) to Measure Anxiety in Cancer Patient in Response to COVID-19 (review)
    with Myung Hee Ahn, Sooyeon Suh, Sangha Lee, Hwa Jung Kim, Yong-Wook Shin, and Seockhoon Chung
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2020.
    This study investigated the usefulness of the six-item Stress and Anxiety to Viral Epidemics scale and the Coronavirus Anxiety Scale as tools to assess anxiety related to coronavirus disease in cancer patients. A total of 221 patients with cancer responded to an anonymous online questionnaire between 15 July and 15 August 2020. The functional impairment of the patients was assessed using the Work and Social Adjustment Scale, and the SAVE-6 and CAS were also applied. Among these 221 cancer patien…Read more
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    First-order stable model semantics with intensional functions
    with Michael Bartholomew
    Artificial Intelligence 273 56-93. 2019.
  • Stable models and circumscription
    with Paolo Ferraris and Vladimir Lifschitz
    Artificial Intelligence 175 (1): 236-263. 2011.
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    Loop formulas for circumscription
    with Fangzhen Lin
    Artificial Intelligence 170 (2): 160-185. 2006.
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    Representing the Zoo World and the Traffic World in the language of the Causal Calculator
    with Varol Akman, Selim T. Erdoğan, Vladimir Lifschitz, and Hudson Turner
    Artificial Intelligence 153 (1-2): 105-140. 2004.
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    On the structure of certain valued fields
    with Wan Lee
    Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 172 (4): 102927. 2021.
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    Book Review: Chinese Visions of Family and State, 1915-1953 (review)
    Gender and Society 20 (2): 288-289. 2006.
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    Drawing on gender-role theories and considering the potential new media environments brought to the dynamics of strategic political communication, this study explores the nature of US Midwestern congresswomen’s strategic online self-presentations in comparison to those of congressmen. The discourse analysis presented in this study shows that in their official online biographies, that is, as given on websites provided by the US government, congresswomen devoted more space to describing their own …Read more
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    This study examines why individuals who are deeply embedded in the organization may engage in unethical pro-organizational behavior. Drawing from social identity theory and self-affirmation theory, we propose that deeply embedded employees may engage in UPB as a way of promoting or maintaining their status in the organization. We further propose that this positive relationship between organizational embeddedness and UPB, mediated through status perceptions, is stronger for employees working unde…Read more
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    Elementary equivalence theorem for Pac structures
    with Jan Dobrowolski and Daniel Max Hoffmann
    Journal of Symbolic Logic 85 (4): 1467-1498. 2020.
    We generalize a well-known theorem binding the elementary equivalence relation on the level of PAC fields and the isomorphism type of their absolute Galois groups. Our results concern two cases: saturated PAC structures and nonsaturated PAC structures.
  • Social reality makes the social mind
    with Kent D. Harber, Jarret T. Crawford, Thomas R. Cain, and Florette Cohen
    Interaction Studies. Social Behaviour and Communication in Biological and Artificial Systemsinteraction Studies / Social Behaviour and Communication in Biological and Artificial Systemsinteraction Studies 6 (1): 85-102. 2005.
    This paper contests social psychology’s emphasis on the biased, erroneous, and constructed nature of social cognition by: showing how the extent of bias and error in classic research is overstated; summarizing research regarding the accuracy of social beliefs; and describing how social stereotypes sometimes improve person perception accuracy. A Goodness of Judgment Index is also presented to extract evidence regarding accuracy from research focusing on bias. We conclude that accuracy is necessar…Read more
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    Entrepreneurial Stewardship: Why Some Profits Should Be Used to Benefit Others
    Business Ethics Quarterly 30 (4): 525-551. 2020.
    ABSTRACTEntrepreneurs should act as stewards of entrepreneurial rent. Entrepreneurial rent is the difference between the ex post value of a venture and its ex ante costs. It is the result of competition among buyers and sellers within the market process rather than the sole efforts of the entrepreneur. As a result, entrepreneurs should allocate entrepreneurial rent for the benefit of other market participants rather than consuming it for themselves. The moral obligation to steward entrepreneuria…Read more
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    Long-Term Musical Training Alters Auditory Cortical Activity to the Frequency Change
    with Ji-Hye Han and Hyo-Jeong Lee
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 14. 2020.
  • Detecting Conditional Dependence Using Flexible Bayesian Latent Class Analysis
    with Kwanghee Jung and Jungkyu Park
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2020.
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    Culture and Business: How Can Cultural Psychologists Contribute to Research on Behaviors in the Marketplace and Workplace?
    with Takahiko Masuda, Kenichi Ito, Satoko Suzuki, Yuto Yasuda, and Satoshi Akutsu
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2020.