• Remorse
    In Anna Gotlib (ed.), The Moral Psychology of Regret, Rowman & Littlefield International. pp. 121-143. 2019.
  • Making Peace with Moral Imperfection
    Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy 16 (2). 2019.
    How can we rationally make peace with our past moral failings, while committing to avoid similar mistakes in the future? Is it because we cannot do anything about the past, while the future is still open? Or is it that regret for our past mistakes is psychologically harmful, and we need to forgive ourselves in order to be able to move on? Or is it because moral mistakes enable our moral growth? I argue that these and other answers do not properly resolve the problem of temporal asymmetry in our …Read more
  • Luck and Identity
    Meir Dan-Cohen
    Theoretical Inquiries in Law 9 (1): 1-22. 2008.
    I take a close look at Bernard Williams’s paper "Moral Luck," which put this notion on the philosophical agenda. Williams’s focal example is the painter Paul Gauguin. According to Williams, Gauguin’s morally dubious decision to desert his family so as to pursue an artistic career can be redeemed only by his partially fortuitous success as a painter. This is shown by the consideration that a successful Gauguin would not be able to regret his decision, whereas failure would have prompted regret. I…Read more
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