• In 2013, the Singapore government announced a plan to build the Cross Island Line, the country’s eighth Mass Rapid Transit train line. Since its release, the proposal has caused ongoing heated debate as it involves going underneath Singapore’s largest remaining reserve: the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. Following extended discussions with environmental groups, the transport authority later stated that they would now consider two route options: a direct alignment running underneath the Centra…Read more
  • Turning erythrocytes into functional micromotors
    with Z. Wu, T. Li, J. Li, W. Gao, T. Xu, C. Christianson, M. Galarnyk, Q. He, and L. Zhang
    © 2014 American Chemical Society.Attempts to apply artificial nano/micromotors for diverse biomedical applications have inspired a variety of strategies for designing motors with diverse propulsion mechanisms and functions. However, existing artificial motors are made exclusively of synthetic materials, which are subject to serious immune attack and clearance upon entering the bloodstream. Herein we report an elegant approach that turns natural red blood cells into functional micromotors with th…Read more