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    Jürgen Habermas and Religion in the Public Sphere
    Ideas Y Valores 61 (148): 59-78. 2012.
    The article examines the difficulties posed by Jürgen Habermas’s proposal regarding the role of religion in the public sphere, in order to clarify and analyze its philosophical assumptions. The article then goes on to set forth five objections on the basis of the debate over same-sex marriage, and to relate those objections to Habermas’s philosophical assumptions, in order to show the need for a more detailed review of the problem.
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    This article is meant as a response to Cristina Lafont’s critiques of Habermas’ view of religion’s role in the public sphere. For Lafont, the burdens that Habermas places on secular citizens, by requiring them to avoid secularism, may entail dangerous consequences for a correct understanding of the concept of deliberative democracy. For this reason, she presents a proposal of her own in which no citizen, whether religious or secular, has the obligation to engage in a way of thinking alien to his…Read more
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    Jürgen Habermas Y la religión en la esfera pública
    Ideas Y Valores 61 (148): 59-78. 2012.
    Se examinan las dificultades que tiene la propuesta de Jürgen Habermas sobre el papel de la religión en la esfera pública, para dilucidar y analizar sus presupuestos filosóficos. Una vez presentada la propuesta habermasiana, se presentan cinco objeciones, tomando como base el debate sobre los matrim..