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    Traiter quoi, soigner qui?
    Cahiers Philosophiques 2 7. 2011.
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    Towards a new procreation ethic: the exemplary instance of cleft lip and palate (review)
    with Gaëlle Le Dref, Bruno Grollemund, and Anne Danion-Grilliat
    Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 16 (3): 365-375. 2013.
    The improvement of ultrasound scan techniques is enabling ever earlier prenatal diagnosis of developmental anomalies. In France, apart from cases where the mother’s life is endangered, the detection of “particularly serious” conditions, and conditions that are “incurable at the time of diagnosis” are the only instances in which a therapeutic abortion can be performed, this applying up to the 9th month of pregnancy. Thus numerous conditions, despite the fact that they cause distress or pain or ar…Read more
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    The Absent Interpreter in Administrative Detention Center Medical Units
    with Murielle Rondeau-Lutz
    Health Care Analysis 25 (1): 34-51. 2017.
    The particular situation of the French administrative detention center medical units appears to be an exemplary case to study the difficulties facing medical practice. Indeed, the starting point of our inquiry was an amazing observation that needed to be addressed and understood: why are professional interpreters so seldom requested in ADC medical units, where one would expect that they would be “naturally” present? Aiming to fully explore the meanings of the “absent interpreter”, this article t…Read more
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    L’usage de la vie
    with Paolo Virno
    Multitudes 58 (1): 143. 2015.
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    Pleasure in medical practice
    Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 15 (2): 153-164. 2012.
    It is time to challenge the issue of pleasure associated with the core of medical practice. Its importance is made clear through its opposite: unhappiness—something which affects doctors in a rather worrying way. The paper aims to provide a discussion on pleasure on reliable grounds. Plato’s conception of techne is a convenient model that offers insights into the unique practice of medicine, which embraces in a single purposive action several heterogeneous dimensions. In Aristotle’s Ethics, plea…Read more