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    Jewish Reflections on Genetic Enhancement
    Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 26 (1): 137-161. 2006.
    WHAT COULD BE WRONG WITH SEEKING TO RESHAPE OURSELVES IN WAYS that we genuinely value? Jewish textual and cultural perspectives may add clarity and substance to the wider secular discussion of using genetic technologies for human enhancement. Judaism does not share the naturalism of Anglo-American bioethics; instead, it emphasizes covenantal responsibility for co-creation and stewardship of the body. Judaism tends to be more permissive about social uses of technology but more restrictive about p…Read more
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    Provoking Nonepileptic Seizures: The Ethics of Deceptive Diagnostic Testing
    with Anthony L. Back and Robert A. Pearlman
    Hastings Center Report 27 (4): 24-33. 1997.