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    Superconductivity below 20 K in heavily electron-doped surface layer of FeSe bulk crystal
    with J. J. Seo, Kim , B. S. Kim, J. K. Jeong, Ok J. M., J. D. Denlinger, S. K. Mo, C. Kim, and Y. K. Kim
    A superconducting transition temperature as high as 100 K was recently discovered in one monolayer FeSe grown on SrTiO3. The discovery ignited efforts to identify the mechanism for the markedly enhanced Tc from its bulk value of 8 K. There are two main views about the origin of the Tc enhancement: interfacial effects and/or excess electrons with strong electron correlation. Here, we report the observation of superconductivity below 20 K in surface electron-doped bulk FeSe. The doped surface laye…Read more
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    The 7 x 1 Fermi Surface Reconstruction in a Two-dimensional f-electron Charge Density Wave System: PrTe3
    with E. Lee, D. H. Kim, H. W. Kim, J. D. Denlinger, H. Kim, K. Kim, B. I. Min, B. H. Min, Y. S. Kwon, and J. -S. Kang
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    Electronic Structure, Surface Doping, and Optical Response in Epitaxial WSe 2 Thin Films
    with Y. Zhang, M. M. Ugeda, C. Jin, S. F. Shi, A. J. Bradley, A. Martín-Recio, H. Ryu, S. Tang, Y. Kim, B. Zhou, C. Hwang, Y. Chen, F. Wang, M. F. Crommie, Z. Hussain, Z. X. Shen, and S. K. Mo
    © 2016 American Chemical Society.High quality WSe2 films have been grown on bilayer graphene with layer-by-layer control of thickness using molecular beam epitaxy. The combination of angle-resolved photoemission, scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy, and optical absorption measurements reveal the atomic and electronic structures evolution and optical response of WSe2/BLG. We observe that a bilayer of WSe2 is a direct bandgap semiconductor, when integrated in a BLG-based heterostructure, th…Read more