• On the blankness of blank-signs
    Semiotica 2021 (242): 123-139. 2021.
    As one indispensable part of signs, blank-sign, also called zero sign or the void of sign, has not been given enough or due attention in semiotics. What is worse is that researchers have not reached agreement on some basic issues in blank-signs, such as the nature of the absence of the signifier, the criteria for identifying blank-signs, the scope of the blank-sign research, etc. These questions are of vital importance for more comprehensive exploration of the blank-sign issue. After analyzing t…Read more
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    The Neural Correlates of Effortful Cognitive Processing Deficits in Schizophrenia: An ERP Study
    with Chen-Guang Jiang, Xiao-Hong Liu, Yan-Ling Xue, and Zhen-He Zhou
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 15. 2021.
    Background: Individuals’ information processing includes automatic and effortful processes and the latter require sustained concentration or attention and larger amounts of cognitive “capacity.” Event-related potentials reflect all neural activities that are related to a certain stimulus. Investigating ERP characteristics of effortful cognitive processing in people with schizophrenia would be helpful in further understanding the neural mechanism of schizophrenia.Methods: Both schizophrenia patie…Read more
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    The Varying Coherences of Implied Motion Modulates the Subjective Time Perception
    with Feiming Li, Lei Wang, Lei Jia, Jiahao Lu, Youping Wu, and Cheng Wang
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2021.
    Previous research has demonstrated that duration of implied motion was dilated, whereas hMT+ activity related to perceptual processes on IM stimuli could be modulated by their motion coherence. Based on these findings, the present study aimed to examine whether subjective time perception of IM stimuli would be influenced by varying coherence levels. A temporal bisection task was used to measure the subjective experience of time, in which photographic stimuli showing a human moving in four direct…Read more
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    Immunization of Cooperative Spreading Dynamics on Complex Networks
    with Shi-Min Cai and Tao Zhou
    Complexity 2021 1-7. 2021.
    Cooperative spreading dynamics on complex networks is a hot topic in the field of network science. In this paper, we propose a strategy to immunize some nodes based on their degrees. The immunized nodes disable the synergistic effect of cooperative spreading dynamics. We also develop a generalized percolation theory to study the final state of the spreading dynamics. By using the Monte Carlo method, numerical simulations reveal that immunizing nodes with a large degree cannot always be beneficia…Read more
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    Previous research has indicated that frontal midline theta reflects a domain-general cognitive control mechanism of the prefrontal cortex. Brain imaging studies have shown that the inhibition of implicit stereotypes was dependent on this domain-general cognitive control mechanism. Based on this knowledge, the present study investigated the neural oscillatory correlates of implicit gender stereotype control in an extrinsic affective Simon task using electrophysiological methods. Participants in t…Read more
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    Studies on the Fundamental Theory of Bigu (Food Abstinence)—Preliminary Experimental Observations of Cellular Bigu
    with Zhen-Qin Xia, Hua Shen, Hongmei Li, Alexis Traynor-Kaplan, and Xin Yan
    Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society 22 (5): 392-396. 2002.
    Clinical studies as well as hundreds of case reports have indicated that Yan Xin Life Science Technology has enabled human participants to live a normal life with little or no food intake for prolonged periods—a state referred to as bigu. Bigu is described in historical records as “taking in qi to avoid food,” and is regarded as a special technique to achieve a long and healthy life. In this study, experiments were designed to study whether cells in vitro can survive without commonly acknowledge…Read more
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    Homeostasis Is Maintained in Yan Xin Life Science Technology-Optimized Caloric Restriction: Physiological and Biochemical Studies
    with Hua Shen, Wei Chin, Chao Lu, Canhui Li, and Xin Yan
    Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society 22 (5): 397-402. 2002.
    Yan Xin Life Science Technology-Optimized Caloric Restriction is a unique food abstinence, which suppresses appetite and sensation of hunger while maintaining physiological homeostasis. The authors review the first clinical case study on YXLST-CR, or YXLST-bigu, a 15-day, 24-hour observation in 1987 on a 21-year-old female undergoing YXLST-bigu for several months. The participant took no food or water and conducted normal physical activities. The daily records of body weight, temperature, pulse …Read more
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    Bioinspired Mitigation Scheme for Cascading Failures in Farmland Wireless Sensor Networks
    with Zhuangzhuang Du, Xunyang Wang, and Zhengkun He
    Complexity 2020 1-17. 2020.
    Existing mitigation strategies on wireless sensor networks against cascading failures cannot appropriately adapt the particular characteristics of farmland WSNs. Spider web provides a new reference for improving network invulnerability. In this study, a bionic network scheme is built based on symmetric analysis of a series of spider-web vibration transmission trials, which include networking methodology, communication rules, and load capacity model. The basic idea of this scheme is to apply the …Read more
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    Opportunities and Challenges for Chinese Elderly Care Industry in Smart Environment Based on Occupants’ Needs and Preferences
    with Qingfeng Meng, Ziming Hong, Zhen Li, Xin Hu, Weixiang Shi, and Kai Luo
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2020.
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    The Openness of Life-world and the Intercultural Polylogue
    Yearbook for Eastern and Western Philosophy 2019 (4): 150-162. 2020.
    The phenomenological conception of “life-world” lays the theoretical foundation for the openness of the world. The founding relationship between the individual and the world, the interactive relationship among different cultural worlds on the intersubjective level, the free nature of truth and its presence in the open world, the “ek-sistent” characteristics of the human-being, the structural constitution of the life-world – all these topics demonstrate the open nature of the world in a phenomeno…Read more
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    An improved method to characterize the full-scale pore system and dual pore model of tight sands
    with Yurui Zhu, Zhengyuan Lu, Mingshi Feng, and Zhipeng Li
    Interpretation 8 (3). 2020.
    Tight sands have pore systems with complex structures and widely distributed pore sizes. We have studied the characteristics of these pore systems to better understand their important role in the accumulation and migration mechanisms of oil and gas reservoirs, which may enhance our ability to evaluate reservoir quality and predict reservoir production. To this end, we carried out thin-section analysis, scanning electron microscopy, pressure-controlled porosimetry, and rate-controlled porosimetry…Read more
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    The development of the organic food industry is of great significance to the environment and society as consumers increasingly prefer green and healthy food. However, certain production and investment problems must be solved. A tripartite game model is established in this study to investigate the labeling and advertising investment decisions in an organic food supply chain composed of one supplier and two heterogeneous manufacturers by the biform game approach. In addition, a subsidy mechanism i…Read more
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    We have evaluated the existence of good paleo-carbonate reservoirs in fault damage zones with a burial depth exceeding 5800 m in the Central Paleo-Uplift, Sichuan Basin, China. The relationships between fault system and sedimentation, and the formation of the paleo-carbonate reservoirs have been explored, which have long been ignored by previous studies due to the low-quality seismic data and the prevalent assumption of weak tectonic movement. Data from different sources such as newly acquired a…Read more
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    Cortical Hemodynamic Response and Connectivity Modulated by Sub-threshold High-Frequency Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
    with Rihui Li, Thomas Potter, Zhixi Shi, Chushan Wang, Lingling Yang, Rosa Chan, and Yingchun Zhang
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 13. 2019.
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    Cascading Failures Analysis Considering Extreme Virus Propagation of Cyber-Physical Systems in Smart Grids
    with Tao Wang, Xiaoguang Wei, Tao Huang, Luis Valencia-Cabrera, Zhennan Fan, and Mario J. Pérez-Jiménez
    Complexity 2019 1-15. 2019.
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    Myopic versus Farsighted Behaviors in a Low-Carbon Supply Chain with Reference Emission Effects
    with Xianxue Cheng, Xinyu Wang, Hongtao Yang, and Shuhua Zhang
    Complexity 2019 1-15. 2019.
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    Poetic Language: Heidegger and Us
    Philosophy Study 6 (8). 2016.
    Late Heidegger’s thinking of language is on the way to pure language, for Heidegger tries to overcome the impurity and equipment-treating of language. The pure language shows itself as poetic language. Poetic language overcomes the impurity of everyday language and theoretic language before it reveals itself as Saying and Silence, the conversation between poetry and thought, and the possible poetic dwelling. However, Heidegger’s poetic language has its limitation, which calls for our rethinking …Read more
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    Character in childhood and early adolescence: models and measurement
    with Lacey J. Hilliard, Rachel M. Hershberg, Edmond P. Bowers, Paul A. Chase, Robey B. Champine, Mary H. Buckingham, Dylan A. Braun, Erin S. Gelgoot, and Richard M. Lerner
    Journal of Moral Education 44 (2): 165-197. 2015.
    In recent years, the construct of character has received substantial attention among developmental scientists, but no consensus exists about the content and structure of character, especially among children and early adolescents. In a study of positive development among racially diverse Cub Scouts in the greater Philadelphia area, we assessed the construct and concurrent validity of a new measure of character, the Assessment of Character in Children and Early Adolescents, among 906 Scouts and 77…Read more
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    Reciprocity between the cerebellum and the cerebral cortex: Nonlinear dynamics in microscopic modules for generating voluntary motor commands
    with Gregory Dam, Sule Yildirim, William Rand, Uri Wilensky, and James C. Houk
    Complexity 14 (2): 29-45. 2008.
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  • Ke Xue Qian Yan Yu Xian Shi Dai = Kexue Qianyan Yu Xianshidai
    with Dingcheng Ren and Kan Gao
    . 2001.
  • Ecological crisis to the current model of economic development has brought great challenges, but also makes economic development model to reflect the underlying economic theory become necessary. American process theologian Cobb's basic premise of economic theory and assumptions were critical, pointing out its flaws and there is a mistake, and the economics of development proposed is quite insightful. Ecological crisis poses a great challenge to the paradigm for the development of modem economics…Read more
  • Ecological Crisis and the Change of Christian Theology
    Modern Philosophy 3 120-126. 2007.
    Western Christian theological reflection on the ecological crisis, began in response to external criticism from Christian theology, the critique is aimed at supporting the development of modern science and technology behind the Christian concept. Accordingly, the Christian theology on the one hand based on the teachings of the Bible and Christian tradition to defend, the other to John Cobb, represented by theologians also seek, in the new relationship between man and nature in the context of cha…Read more
  • As a new development of the phenomenological tradition Heinrich Rombach’s structural phenomenology has the diverse historical and cultural meanings. First, “structure” is the third phase which stands after “substance” and “system” in the whole history of thought. Second, it is regarded as the future phase of the phenomenology, which is beyond Husserl’s phenomenology of consciousness and Heidegger’s phenomenology of existence. Third, there is a close relationship between “structure” and the Easte…Read more
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    In Heinrich Rombach’s structural thought the phenomenological tradition has been extended to an intercultural dimension. In Rombach’s opinion the idea of structure has been developed in the East much earlier and much further than in the West. In the following paper I will show from an Eastern perspective that the philosophy of Confucius in terms of “Ren” or “concrete humanity” has an affinity with the Structural Phenomenology, which strives toward the living situations as the original aim. The S…Read more