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    The circularity reading of Frege's indefinability argument
    Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 9 (2): 128-136. 2020.
    This paper criticizes the circularity reading of Frege's argument for the indefinability of truth. According to this reading, Frege is appealing to a sort of circularity in the argument. I argue that the circularity reading is interpretatively incorrect, or makes Frege's argument a non‐starter.
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    Composers and Performers
    Philosophia 1-13. forthcoming.
    We take performers of classical music as producers of creative performances. We sometimes criticize a performer’s performance by saying ‘That is not what the composer wants’. The literature takes this kind of criticism, which I call ‘intentionalist criticism’, to be in tension with performers’ creativity—taking the criticism to be an attempt to restrict performers’ creativity by historical authenticity. This paper aims to construct a possible understanding of intentionalist criticisms according …Read more
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    Frege's Conception of Truth: Two Readings
    Ergo: An Open Access Journal of Philosophy 6. 2019.
    The object reading of Frege's conception of truth holds that, for him, truth is an object---the truth-value the True. Greimann refutes the object reading and suggests an alternative reading. According to his suggested reading, Frege is the proponent of the assertion theory of truth the main thesis of which is that truth is what is expressed by the form of assertoric sentences and truth as such is neither an object nor a property. I argue that Frege cannot accept the assertion theory. I also defe…Read more