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    Lack of Improvement in Scientific Integrity: An Analysis of WoS Retractions by Chinese Researchers
    with Ying Zhang
    Science and Engineering Ethics 24 (5): 1409-1420. 2018.
    This study investigated the status quo of article retractions by Chinese researchers. The bibliometric information of 834 retractions from the Web of Science SCI-expanded database were downloaded and analysed. The results showed that the number of retractions increased in the past two decades, and misconduct such as plagiarism, fraud, and faked peer review explained approximately three quarters of the retractions. Meanwhile, a large proportion of the retractions seemed typical of deliberate frau…Read more
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    Mesoscale modeling of dislocations in molecular crystals
    with Marisol Koslowski
    Philosophical Magazine 91 (6): 865-878. 2011.