University of Exeter
Department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology
PhD, 2018
Bristol, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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    Hans Jonas, Transhumanism, and What it Means to Live a «Genuine Human Life»
    Revue Philosophique De Louvain 117 (2): 291-310. 2019.
    In The Imperative of Responsibility, published in German in 1979 and in English five years later, Hans Jonas introduced a new moral imperative for the technological age that runs as follows : «Act so that the effects of your action are compatible with the permanence of genuine human life». This article has two objectives: firstly to clarify what it means to live, in Jonas’ sense, a genuine human life, and secondly whether we can still live such a life if we radically enhance ourselves the way tr…Read more
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    This article is concerned with two interrelated questions: what, if anything, distinguishes synthetic from natural organisms, and to what extent, if any, creating the former is of moral significance. These are ontological and ethical questions, respectively. As the title indicates, I address both from a broadly neo-Aristotelian perspective, i.e. a teleological philosophy of life and virtue ethics. For brevity’s sake, I shall not argue for either philosophical position at length, but instead hope…Read more
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    Moral Enhancement: Critical Perspectives (edited book)
    with Michael Hauskeller
    Cambridge University Press. 2018.
    The papers collected in this volume examine moral enhancement: the idea that we should morally improve people through the manipulation of their biological constitution. Whether moral enhancement is possible or even desirable is highly controversial. Proponents argue that it is necessary if we are to address various social ills and avert catastrophic climate change. Detractors have raised a variety of concerns, some of a practical nature and others of principle. Perhaps most fundamentally, howeve…Read more
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    with Michael Hauskeller
    Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement 83 1-3. 2018.
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    An Unfit Future: Moral Enhancement and Technological Harm
    Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement 83 351-370. 2018.
    This essay addresses two aspects of Persson and Savulescu's case for moral enhancement: 1) the precise technological nature of ultimate harm, particularly as it applies to the ecological crisis, and 2) what is at stake in the solution they propose. My claim is that Persson and Savulescu's treatment of both issues is inadequate: the ecological crisis is a more complex phenomenon than they suppose, and more is at stake in moral enhancement than they claim. To make my case I draw on the work of Han…Read more
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    Responsibility in Practice: Hans Jonas as Environmental Political Theorist
    Ethics, Policy and Environment 21 (2): 229-245. 2018.
    ABSTRACTHans Jonas’ philosophy of responsibility is a major contribution to environmental ethics and political theory, but aspects of it have proven controversial. Jonas’ critics, in particular Richard Wolin, have argued that his thought is deeply reactionary. By contrast, Nathan Dinneen has sought to show that Jonas’ apparent eco-authoritarianism is misunderstood. I argue here that Dinneen’s interpretation is too probably too generous, but also that Wolin’s wholesale critique is fundamentally m…Read more
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