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    Truth in Metaphysics
    American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 83 (4): 467-490. 2009.
    This essay juxtaposes Duns Scotus’s treatment of the nature of truth with the doctrine concerning truth developed by Heidegger in Being and Time. Both Scotus and Heidegger are concerned inter alia with the same phenomenon: truth as our apprehension of entities. But Scotus speaks of the truth that is in entities, whereas for Heidegger there is no truth in things, but only in their unveilednessto Dasein. Scotus offers us a model in which there are different senses in which we can speak of truth, a…Read more
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    Does God Know Best?
    Philosophia Christi 9 (2): 383-405. 2007.
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    The Storms of Providence surveys and critiques Calvinism, Arminianism, and Open Theism as models of the divine-world relationship. Further, the book defends a modified version of traditional Arminianism. The author contends that the most theologically and philosophically sound model of the divine-world relationship is one that affirms that human actions are free and not divinely determined, even while asserting that God has complete knowledge of the future
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    Book reviews (review)
    with Diane Steinberg and Larry Lacy
    International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 40 (2): 117-124. 1996.