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    Social labs as an inclusive methodology to implement and study social change: the case of responsible research and innovation
    with Jos Timmermans, V. Blok, Robert Braun, and R. Wesselink
    Journal of Responsible Innovation. forthcoming.
    The embedding and promotion of social change is faced with aparadoxical challenge. In order to mainstream an approach to socialchange such as responsible research and innovation and makeit into a practical reality rather than an abstract ideal, we need tohave conceptual clarity and empirical evidence. But, in order to beable to gather empirical evidence, we have to presuppose that theapproach already exists in practice. This paper proposes a social labmethodology that is suited to deal with this…Read more
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    Ethical challenges in argumentation and dialogue in a healthcare context
    with Mark Snaith, Sita Ramchandra Kotnis, and Alison Pease
    Argument and Computation 1-16. forthcoming.
    As the average age of the population increases, so too do the number of people living with chronic illnesses. With limited resources available, the development of dialogue-based e-health systems that provide justified general health advice offers a cost-effective solution to the management of chronic conditions. It is however imperative that such systems are responsible in their approach. We present in this paper two main challenges for the deployment of e-health systems, that have a particular …Read more