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    Anscombe reading Aristotle
    Enrahonar: Quaderns de Filosofía 64. 2020.
    Under one particular reading of it, Anscombe's 'Modern Moral Philosophy' is considered a seminal text in the revival of virtue ethics. Seen thus, Anscombe is implying that it is possible to do ethics without using concepts such as 'moral ought' or 'moral obligation', the perfect example being Aristotelian ethics. On the other hand, Anscombe claims that it is not useful at present to engage in moral philosophy since she finds that 'philosophically there is a huge gap… which needs to be filled by …Read more
  • Acção e Ética: Conversas sobre racionalidade prática (edited book)
    with Sofia Miguens
    Edições Colibri. 2011.
  • Sovereignty as Value (edited book)
    Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. 2021.
    Through fourteen original essays, the book seeks to understand the viability of the notion of sovereignty in a globalized world, thus taking into account the inclusion of a language of rights, limitation and legitimacy. It examines sovereignty using a normative approach.