• Chen Long's "point of deep red felt lips • Spring storm," the word, its interpretation of the subject are generally thought to express the words were excluded in a leopard on behalf of the mood on the occasion of grief, and worry of mind, reflecting the late Chen Long term changes in the wind. However, Chen Long term there is another version, with a small difference, only from the "advocate and poetry over the" the "point of red lips' point of view, is completely Gui Qing word. The test Ci Chen …Read more
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    MYRF: A unique transmembrane transcription factor‐ from proteolytic self‐processing to its multifaceted roles in animal development
    with Yingchuan B. Qi, Zhimin Xu, Shiqian Shen, and Zhizhi Wang
    Bioessays 46 (4): 2300209. 2024.
    The Myelin Regulator Factor (MYRF) is a master regulator governing myelin formation and maintenance in the central nervous system. The conservation of MYRF across metazoans and its broad tissue expression suggest it has functions extending beyond the well‐established role in myelination. Loss of MYRF results in developmental lethality in both invertebrates and vertebrates, and MYRF haploinsufficiency in humans causes MYRF‐related Cardiac Urogenital Syndrome, underscoring its importance in animal…Read more
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    Neural evidence for the use of digit-image mnemonic in a superior memorist: an fMRI study
    with Li-Jun Yin, Yu-Ting Lou, Ming-Xia Fan, and Yi Hu
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9. 2015.