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    Community health service capacity in China: a survey in three municipalities
    with Wei Zhou, Yanmin Dong, Wenli Lu, Xin Tian, Lianping Yang, and Xinping Zhang
    Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 19 (1): 167-172. 2013.
  • 馬克思《數學手稿》與微積分理論具有何種關係;現代數學的研究物件是純量還是結構;數學是經驗科學還是演繹科學;實踐檢驗數學的真理性是否只有一種真假判斷;非線性科學揭示出自然界存在一類新的、更普遍的、既確定又隨機的混沌現象,它向決定論自然觀提出哪些挑戰,是否說明世界是非決定論的;等等。對這些問題,作者從數學哲學的角度提出了自己的見解和解決方法。
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    Organizational sustainability in the form of environmental management and sustainable production is becoming more important for small and medium-sized enterprises throughout the world. This research evaluates the factors affecting the understanding of the CEO's and managers' intention to adopt practices of green supply chain management and clean innovation technology in the manufacturing SMEs of Pakistan. This empirical research identifies key determinants influencing the adoption of GSCM practi…Read more
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    Assessing the impact of digital education and the role of the big data analytics course to enhance the skills and employability of engineering students
    with Jingxiao Zhang, Yiying Ding, Gangzhu Sun, Wei Zhang, Simon P. Philbin, and Brian H. W. Guo
    Frontiers in Psychology 13. 2022.
    This study aims to explore the role of digital education in the development of skills and employability for engineering students through researching the role of big data analytics courses. The empirical study proposes the hypothesis that both soft and hard skills have positive effects on human capital, individual attributes, and the career development dimensions of engineering students. This is achieved through constructing a framework of three dimensions of engineering students’ employability a…Read more
  • We study the dynamical behavior of multiple quasi-synchronization of a type of fractional-order coupled neural networks with delay and uncertain parameters. By utilizing the pinned pulse control strategy technique, we establish a new pulse controller, which realizes the multiple quasisynchronization of the system. Furthermore, we derive some new criteria of multiple quasisynchronization by using the comparison principle and mathematical analysis. Eventually, simulations are carried out with two …Read more
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    This study aims to examine the effect of quantitative and qualitative job insecurity on unethical pro-organizational behavior, focusing on the mediating effect of impression management motivation and the moderating effect of organizational identification. A two-wave questionnaire survey is conducted, and data from 254 employees of Chinese enterprises are used to test the research hypotheses. Empirical results show that: Quantitative job insecurity has a significant positive effect on UPB, while …Read more
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    Gain or loss? The well-being of women in self-employment
    with Yufei Ren
    Frontiers in Psychology 13. 2022.
    Using data from the Chinese Household Income Project survey, we find that self-employed women have lower levels of well-being compared with their male counterparts. When comparing individuals' well-being in self-employment and wage-employment, we discover that self-employed men have higher levels of health, the standard of living, satisfaction, and life satisfaction compared with wage-employed men, whereas self-employed women have lower levels of health and life satisfaction than their counterpa…Read more
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    The literature on leadership is increasingly supporting the power of digital leadership in promoting corporate innovation. In spite of this, digital leadership is a noticeable omission from the literature. As such, in this study, we developed a model based on a resource-based view and social information processing theory to examine the roles of digital entrepreneurial orientation and digital organizational culture in the relationship between digital leadership and exploratory innovation. We exam…Read more
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    Practice of common ethical standards in the field of counseling and psychotherapy in mainland China
    with Qin An, Zhiqin Sang, and Mingyi Qian
    Ethics and Behavior 33 (3): 183-192. 2023.
    This paper will first introduce the development of professional ethics of counseling and psychotherapy in mainland China. Ethical awareness is often limited due to variations in training experiences. Aligning with ethics codes can also bring challenges due to nuances within Chinese culture. Furthermore, the authors discuss the ethical challenges regarding the principles of multiple relationships, informed consent, and confidentiality in the context of Chinese culture. These ethical issues are of…Read more
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    This study aimed to analyze the mediating effect of tolerance of uncertainty (TU) and trait anxiety (TA) on future self-continuity (FSC) and intention to use Internet wealth management (IUIWM) systems. A questionnaire survey was distributed online and a total of 388 participants completed questionnaire, The questionnaire included the following scales: Chinese version of the FSC, Intention to Use the Internet Wealth Management, TU, and TA. Pearson correlation was used to investigate the correlati…Read more
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    This study aimed to analyze the mediating effect of tolerance of uncertainty and trait anxiety on future self-continuity and intention to use Internet wealth management systems. A questionnaire survey was distributed online and a total of 388 participants completed questionnaire, The questionnaire included the following scales: Chinese version of the FSC, Intention to Use the Internet Wealth Management, TU, and TA. Pearson correlation was used to investigate the correlation coefficient between v…Read more
  • In previous studies, as an important object of inheritance and promotion of Chinese culture in Chinese colleges and universities, the psychological change mechanism of college students in the process of receiving cultural identity education has not attracted widespread attention. This study focuses on ideological and political education in colleges and universities, and innovatively believes that in order to improve college students’ identification with Chinese culture, and make them consciously…Read more
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    Cross-Countries Comparison Toward Digital Currency Acceptance: Integrating UTAUT2 Into ITM
    with Qiuxiang Zhang and Din Jong
    Frontiers in Psychology 13. 2022.
    In the context of digital monetary market integration, the importance of cross-border digital currency research is receiving prominent attention. This study integrated Extended Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology and initial trust factors into an integrative framework, which synthetically complemented the objective measures and subjective insights of digital currencies. The results indicated the integrated framework, which verified its robustness predicting the acceptance and reco…Read more
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    The Moderating Effect of Learning Experience on Learning Motivation and Learning Outcomes of International Students
    with Jingxiao Zhang, Gangzhu Sun, Inayat Khan, Weidong Lv, and Simon P. Philbin
    Frontiers in Psychology 13. 2022.
    With the increasing level of internationalization in higher education, the number of international students in mainland China is rapidly increasing. However, limited research has considered that student results may be affected by a reduced motivation to learn. Therefore, the aim of this research is to explore the effect of the learning motivation on the learning outcomes of international students and the moderating role of learning experience. A sample of 130 international students from 23 count…Read more
  • Part of speech feature is the representation between syntactic morphology and semantic category. Priming effect experiment can test the correlation between the parts of speech feature and the lexical processing process. This article puts forward part of speech representation paradigmatic and syntagmatic effect hypotheses. The experiments applied the design pattern of 3 ∗ 2 ∗ 3. Subjects are requested to make options of the part of speech of the target words. This study shows that when Chinese En…Read more
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    BackgroundLeft-behind children in China have aroused widespread concern in society and the academic field because they have a high risk of psychological problems. For left-behind children, depression is the most serious problem. Bullying victimization has been evidenced as one of the most common causes of children’s depression. However, less is known about its longitudinal association and the process for how bullying victimization influences depression among left-behind children. Thus, the prese…Read more
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    The harshness and unpredictability of early life circumstances shape life history strategies for trade-offs between the resources devoted to somatic and reproductive efforts of individuals in the developmental process. This paper uses belief in a just world as a reflection of early environmental cues to predict an individual’s life history strategies. Research has found that belief in a just world influences life history strategies through a sense of control. However, the relationship between a …Read more
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    The Relationship Between Physical Exercise and Mobile Phone Addiction Tendency of University Students in China: A Moderated Mediation Model
    with Ke-lei Guo, Qi-Shuai Ma, Shu-jun Yao, Chao Liu, Zhen Hui, and Juan Jiang
    Frontiers in Psychology 13. 2022.
    This study aims to explore the relationship between physical exercise, self-control, physical exercise atmosphere, and mobile phone addiction tendency among Chinese university students. Through the quota sampling, 1,433 students complied with the requirements were surveyed from 10 universities in China. PE, SC, PEA, and MPAT were assessed using standard scales. For data analysis, common method deviation test, mean number, standard deviation, correlation analysis and structural equation model ana…Read more
  • Core Self-Evaluations Increases Among Chinese Employees: A Cross-Temporal Meta-Analysis, 2010–2019
    with Yuxiang Luan, Guolong Zhao, Teng Zhao, and He Ding
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2022.
    The purpose of this paper is to investigate the changes in core self-evaluation scores among Chinese employees during 2010–2019. We conducted a cross-temporal meta-analysis including 50 studies to evaluate the relationship between the year of data collection and levels of CSE. We found that correlations between levels of CSE and year of data collection were strong and positive. Regression results showed that the year of data collection could predict the CSE score when the mean sample age and sex…Read more
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    Family and Psychosocial Functioning in Bipolar Disorder: The Mediating Effects of Social Support, Resilience and Suicidal Ideation
    with Wenbo Dou, Xueying Yu, Hengying Fang, Dali Lu, Lirong Cai, Caihong Zhu, Kunlun Zong, and Yingjun Zheng
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2022.
    Patients with bipolar disorder may experience family dysfunction, which might result in worse psychosocial functioning through environmental and psychological factors. Research investigating the mediating role of social support, resilience and suicidal ideation on family and psychosocial functioning in BD is rare. The study aims to explore the predicting and mediating effects of social support, resilience and suicidal ideation on family and psychosocial functioning in BD patients. Two hundred fo…Read more
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    When Teamwork Works: Examining the Relationship Between Leader-Member Exchange Differentiation and Team Creativity
    with Juan Du, Yahua Cai, Fufu Sun, and Joseph Amankwah-Amoah
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2022.
    Drawing on team creativity literature and social comparison theory, we investigate how leader-member exchange differentiation influences team creativity. Using a survey based on 91 R&D teams from Chinese companies, we observe that LMX differentiation is negatively related to team creativity. More importantly, we demonstrate that team behavioral integration mediates the relationship between LMX differentiation and team creativity, and team emotional intelligence moderates the relationship between…Read more
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    Instructional interactions, which includes student–student interaction, student–teacher interaction, and student–content interaction, are crucial factors affecting the learning outcomes in online education. The current study aims to explore the effects of instructional interactions on individuals’ learning outcomes based on the Interactive Equivalence Theory by conducting two empirical studies. In Study 1, we explored the direct relationships between instructional interactions and learning outco…Read more
  • Under the background of global cross-border mobile commerce integration, the importance of cross-border payment research is becoming increasingly prominent and urgent. The important value of this study is to empirically research the influence power of key elements in using two different mobile payment platforms in Korea. The extended unified theory of acceptance and use of technology has been widely applied in various studies because of its strong interpretive power. In Korea, there are a few em…Read more
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    Preposition Stranding in Archaic and Medieval Chinese
    with Alain Peyraube
    In Judit Gervain, Gergely Csibra & Kristóf Kovács (eds.), A Life in Cognition: Studies in Cognitive Science in Honor of Csaba Pléh, Springer Verlag. pp. 81-91. 2021.
    Preposition stranding refers to a syntactic construction in which a preposition is left without a following object. It is more often found in spoken language than in formal written language. This kind of construction is commonly found in English, but also in other Germanic languages or dialects, and also in some languages belonging to the Niger-Congo family, but it is almost non-existent in standard Mandarin. However, we can find stranded, hanging or dangling prepositions in contemporary various…Read more
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    Impacts of Color Coding on Programming Learning in Multimedia Learning: Moving Toward a Multimodal Methodology
    with Yang Liu, Weifeng Ma, Xiang Guo, Chennan Wu, and Tianshui Zhu
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2021.
    In the present study, we tested the effectiveness of color coding on the programming learning of students who were learning from video lectures. Effectiveness was measured using multimodal physiological measures, combining eye tracking and electroencephalography. Using a between-subjects design, 42 university students were randomly assigned to two video lecture conditions. The participants’ eye tracking and EEG signals were recorded while watching the assigned video, and their learning performan…Read more