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    The interaction between a screw dislocation and an interfacial cruciform crack and collinear linear cracks
    with H. P. Song and Q. H. Fang
    Philosophical Magazine 90 (14): 1969-1983. 2010.
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    Trend and change-point analyses of water quality time series data have important implications for pollution control and environmental decision-making. This paper developed a new approach to assess trends and change-points of water quality parameters by integrating locally weighted polynomial regression and segmented regression. Firstly, LWPR was used to pretreat the original water quality data into a smoothed time series to represent the long-term trend of water quality. Then, SegReg was used to…Read more
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    In late 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread over the world, causing millions of deaths. In the first few months of the pandemic, several countries prevented the spread of the pandemic successfully. By contrast, the pandemic in many other countries was not controlled well. For example, India encountered a second serious outbreak of COVID-19 from April 2021 due to the poor resistance measures implemented by the government. To figure out the effective countermeasures to the pandemic, this r…Read more
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    Eye Size Affects Cuteness in Different Facial Expressions and Ages
    with Lichang Yao, Qi Dai, Qiong Wu, Yiyang Yu, Ting Guo, Mengni Zhou, Jiajia Yang, Satoshi Takahashi, Yoshimichi Ejima, and Jinglong Wu
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2022.
    Researchers have suggested that infants exhibiting baby schema are considered cute. These similar studies have mainly focused on changes in overall baby schema facial features. However, whether a change in only eye size affects the perception of cuteness across different facial expressions and ages has not been explicitly evaluated until now. In the present study, a paired comparison method and 7-point scale were used to investigate the effects of eye size on perceived cuteness across facial exp…Read more
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    Copyright © 2015 by ASME.This paper replaces the hinged pivots of an eight-bar linkage with flexure joints in order to achieve a flexure-connected linkage system that guides rectilinear movement of its end-effector. The goal is a linkage design that can be reduced in size to provide a suspension for the proof masses of a MEMS gyroscope. The symmetric design of the linkage and its long travel relative to other MEMS suspensions has the potential to provide a number of advantages, such as the reduc…Read more
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    © 2015 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Inc. Plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 level is extremely elevated in the edematous fluid of acutely injured lungs and pleurae. Elevated PAI-1 specifically inactivates pulmonary urokinase-type and tissue-type plasminogen activators. We hypothesized that plasminogen activation and fibrinolysis may alter epithelial sodium channel activity, a key player in clearing edematous fluid. Two-chain urokinase has been found to strongly s…Read more
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    Background: Anopheles sinensis is a major malaria vector in China and other Southeast Asian countries, and it is becoming increasingly resistant to the insecticides used for agriculture, net impregnation, and indoor residual spray. Very limited genomic information on this species is available, which has hindered the development of new tools for resistance surveillance and vector control. We used the 454 GS FLX system and generated expressed sequence tag databases of various life stages of An. si…Read more
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    © 2014 Li et al. Aedes albopictus is a very invasive and aggressive insect vector that causes outbreaks of dengue fever, chikungunya disease, and yellow fever in many countries. Vector ecology and disease epidemiology are strongly affected by environmental changes. Urbanization is a worldwide trend and is one of the most ecologically modifying phenomena. The purpose of this study is to determine how environmental changes due to urbanization affect the ecology of Aedes albopictus. Aquatic habitat…Read more
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    Interpersonal physiological synchrony has been consistently found during collaborative tasks. However, few studies have applied synchrony to predict collaborative learning quality in real classroom. To explore the relationship between interpersonal physiological synchrony and collaborative learning activities, this study collected electrodermal activity and heart rate during naturalistic class sessions and compared the physiological synchrony between independent task and group discussion task. T…Read more
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    Transforming environmental leadership into environmental performance: The mediating role of green intellectual capital
    with Mengjie Xi, Wei Fang, and Taiwen Feng
    Business Ethics, the Environment and Responsibility. forthcoming.
    According to upper echelon theory, this research seeks to explore how environmental leadership (EL) influences environmental performance through green intellectual capital (GIC), while also considering environmental climate as a moderator. We analyze the data from 317 Chinese manufacturing companies in two waves to test these hypotheses. The findings suggest that EL positively affects environmental performance via green structural capital and green relational capital (GRC). Moreover, environment…Read more
  • Fa zhi zhe xue tan yuan
    Zhi shi chan quan chu ban she. 2022.
  •  19
    Polarized message-passing in graph neural networks
    with Tiantian He, Yew-Soon Ong, Xiaohu Wu, and Xin Luo
    Artificial Intelligence 331 (C): 104129. 2024.
  •  8
    Not just if, but how much: Children and adults use cost and need to make evaluations about generosity across contexts
    with Mia Radovanovic, Tim Wei-Ting Chao, Emily Onyshko, Quang David Tri Huynh, and Jessica A. Sommerville
    Cognition 238 (C): 105533. 2023.
  • Leslie, AM, 153
    with A. Bisazza, M. M. Botvinick, N. Chomsky, C. DiYanni, L. Feigenson, W. T. Fitch, J. I. Flombaum, U. Hahn, and M. D. Hauser
    Cognition 97 337. 2005.
  •  19
    Atomically resolved precipitates/matrix interfaces in KTaO3crystals
    with Y. B. Xu, Y. L. Tang, X. L. Ma, and Y. L. Zhu
    Philosophical Magazine 96 (5): 486-497. 2016.
  •  52
    Transferable Feature Representation for Visible-to-Infrared Cross-Dataset Human Action Recognition
    with Zhaoyang Lu, Jing Li, Chao Yao, and Yanzi Deng
    Complexity 2018 1-20. 2018.
    Recently, infrared human action recognition has attracted increasing attention for it has many advantages over visible light, that is, being robust to illumination change and shadows. However, the infrared action data is limited until now, which degrades the performance of infrared action recognition. Motivated by the idea of transfer learning, an infrared human action recognition framework using auxiliary data from visible light is proposed to solve the problem of limited infrared action data. …Read more
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    Abnormal austenite–ferrite transformation behaviour of pure iron
    with F. Sommer and E. J. Mittemeijer
    Philosophical Magazine 84 (18): 1853-1876. 2004.
  •  67
    Time-Dependent Effects of Acute Exercise on University Students’ Cognitive Performance in Temperate and Cold Environments
    with Ling-Yu Ji, Xiao-Ling Li, Xiu-Wen Sun, Hui-Fen Wang, Long Chen, and Liang Gao
    Frontiers in Psychology 8. 2017.
  •  21
    Dipole of edge misfit dislocations and critical radius conditions for buried strained cylindrical inhomogeneity
    with Q. H. Fang and P. H. Wen
    Philosophical Magazine 89 (20): 1585-1595. 2009.
  •  20
    Signaling Effects of CSR Performance on Cross-border Alliance Formation
    with Ding Wang, Jiang Wei, and Niels Noorderhaven
    Journal of Business Ethics 186 (4): 831-850. 2023.
    This study examines the effects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance of Chinese firms on the formation of cross-border alliances with partners in developed countries. We use signaling theory and the co-evolutionary perspective as bases in proposing that the signaling effects of CSR performance on cross-border alliance formation are subject to the influences of subnational, national, and cross-national institutions. By using a longitudinal data set, we find that the signaling effe…Read more
  •  44
    Emergency Evacuation of Hazardous Chemical Accidents Based on Diffusion Simulation
    with Jiang-Hua Zhang, Hai-Yue Liu, and Rui Zhu
    Complexity 1-16. 2017.
    The recent rapid development of information technology, such as sensing technology, communications technology, and database, allows us to use simulation experiments for analyzing serious accidents caused by hazardous chemicals. Due to the toxicity and diffusion of hazardous chemicals, these accidents often lead to not only severe consequences and economic losses, but also traffic jams at the same time. Emergency evacuation after hazardous chemical accidents is an effective means to reduce the lo…Read more
  •  42
    A Study of Tapping by the Unaffected Finger of Patients Presenting with Central and Peripheral Nerve Damage
    with Lingli Zhang, Xiuying Han, Peihong Li, Yulian Zhu, Jun Zou, and Zhusheng Yu
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9. 2015.
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    The behavior of somatic stem cells is regulated by their niche. Interaction between hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and their niches are a representative model to understand stem cell‐niche interplay. Here, we provide an overview of crosstalk between HSCs and their niches in bone marrow and extramedullary organs following the life journey of HSCs from emergence, development, maturation until aging. We highlight the unique differences of HSC niches in different life stages within various organs f…Read more