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    Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi are considered as a potential biotechnological tool for improving phytostabilization efficiency and plant tolerance to heavy metal-contaminated soils. However, the mechanisms through which AMF help to alleviate metal toxicity in plants are still poorly understood. A greenhouse experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of two AMF species on the growth, Pb accumulation, photosynthesis and antioxidant enzyme activities of a leguminous tree at Pb addition levels o…Read more
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    Endoribonuclease-Based Two-Component Repressor Systems for Tight Gene Expression Control in Plants
    with S. Richardson, J. Yan, V. T. Benites, C. Cheng-Yue, T. Tran, J. Mortimer, A. Mukhopadhyay, J. D. Keasling, H. V. Scheller, and D. Loqué
    Tight control and multifactorial regulation of gene expression are important challenges in genetic engineering and are critical for the development of regulatory circuits. Meeting these challenges will facilitate transgene expression regulation and support the fine-tuning of metabolic pathways to avoid the accumulation of undesired intermediates. By employing the endoribonuclease Csy4 and its recognition sequence from Pseudomonas aeruginosa and manipulating 5'UTR of mRNA, we developed a two-comp…Read more
  • Relative to the number of beryllium first wall armor fusion reactor materials, has many advantages, these advantages make it and together tungsten and carbon-based materials were selected for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor first wall candidate protective materials. The proliferation of Chinese helium cooled solid blanket module test agent coupling the first multi-wall simulation results show that using the surface heat load simulation analysis, does not consider the case of…Read more
  • 孔子与儒学
    . 1993.
    并列题名:Confucius and his thoughts.
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    With changes in industrialization, aging population, changes in disease spectrum, ecological environment and lifestyle, in recent years, other countries or regions have begun to prioritize health in a strategic position. Since the 1990s, Taiwan, China has implemented the policy of community health building to respond to health issues caused by modern environmental pollution, work pressure, improper living and rest, bad eating habits and lack of exercise. This paper hopes to analyze the backgroun…Read more
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    A comparative study of multi-modal metaphors in food advertisements
    with Guirong Kou
    Semiotica 2022 (249): 275-291. 2022.
    Multi-modal metaphor is a new perspective in metaphor research developed in modern times. Beyond the metaphor research of language, it combines text, image, sound, and other modes and provides new insights and perspectives for metaphor research. Food advertisements often combine sound, images, and other forms to promote the products and increase consumers’ desire to buy, and they often contain metaphors of multiple modes. However, under the perspective of cross-cultural research, when the same f…Read more
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    In the current study, the orthographic knowledge required for writing Chinese characters was assessed among participants with L1 Vietnamese background who learn Chinese as a foreign language. A total of 42 undergraduates were recruited. They were invited to participate in a delayed Chinese character copying task consisting of 32 characters. Their Chinese character reading abilities were also obtained using a character naming task. All the tests were conducted online during the pandemic in 2021. …Read more
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    Neural Correlate Differences in Number Sense Between Children With Low and Middle/High Socioeconomic Status
    with Qing Bao, Li Jin Zhang, Yan Bang Zhou, and Gui Li Shi
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2020.
    Although some cognitive studies provided reasons that children with low socioeconomic status (SES) showed poor mathematical achievements, there was no explicit evidence to directly explain the root of lagged performance in children with low SES. Therefore, the present study explored the differences in neural correlates in the process of symbolic magnitude comparison between children with different SES by the event-related potentials (ERP). A total of 16 second graders from low SES families and 1…Read more